I Won't Stop Sharing

How are you all doing? I'm trying so hard not to worry or be stressed right now. Two of my friends are getting married in the coming weeks. The dates are here and I'm barely ready. So many financial commitments and others. Hmm, it's not my wedding and it's this stressful. I can only imagine what my friends are going through.

So, here I am, praying I am able to travel back home this weekend, else I'll miss one wedding. It's just crazy.  
I can't just up and travel. Have to put my PPA( Place of Primary Assignment) and NYSC into consideration.
Praying everything works together for my good. While I can afford to miss the one holding this weekend, though I do not want to,I must be a part of the one holding next weekend. Yes o, being Chief Brides Maid and all. It's well. I know God'll come through for me like he always does :).

So, about my last post. A friend thinks it's not safe to put that much personal stuff out there. Not quite sure what he meant. Well, my reply was that I can only hope that people do not hold what I've been through against me. I am not afraid to talk about what I've been through. I've never been one to keep mum about my past. My life is a testimony that is not complete without all I've been through. Why would anyone want to judge me because of my struggles. Who has not had one?

Some people like to hide behind a fake smile and act like oh, their life's perfect. If your life is perfect, well...kudos. Mine isn't and I'm neither afraid nor ashamed to say it. You want to judge me for that? Knock yourself out.

This is a personal blog. It's my way of sharing with the world my pains, struggles, successes and victories. By God's grace, I shall do just that, and who knows, it might just impact and bless someone. This is my prayer.

God bless y'all.Thanks again for taking time out of your busy lives and listen to my rants :).

PS: I decided to share this video with you again.

Fireflight's, For those who wait.


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