That used to be the line before everyone of Dbanj's songs. While I can't claim to be his fan, I'd like to lift a line from his song,Fall in love. You'll know which line at the end of my post.
So I'd known this guy for about two months when he decides to throw that phrase at me. You know now, the one phrase that's been overflogged? The one that everyone throws around even when they do not know what it means? That 3-word phrase? Did you just say,'I love you'? You got it! And I think,'are you serious? You barely know me and you love? He throws them at me and tells me he wants to marry me and expects me to jump. Like 'I love you' are the magic words to tell someone so they'd say yes to your sloppy, ill-advised proposal? You love me...So? Do you know how many men have told me that they loved me? Some even said the words just as they broke up with me. They go 'if it makes you feel any better, I still love you' lol. Sweetheart, if you want to get my attention, telling me you love me aint gonna do it.
Don't get it twisted, love is a beautiful thing-there, you got the line. I'm just saying, 'I love you' are not magic wors words to make me fall into your arms when I barely know you. These days, I love you , coming from a guy who's trying to ask me outdoes not mean anything to me. Keep it to yourself, I do not want to hear it. Even if I actually like you and proceed to date you, Sweetie, actions are louder than words. Especially these words that have been dragged all over the ground. After all I've seen sef and all the divorce amongst christian couples, it's a miracle I still believe in love. I have Jesus to thank for that.
So Dear Suitors, I'm really sorry but you got your work cut out for you. Na your fellow men cause am.


  1. chai . .things jst got harder . .lol. .
    "if it makes you feel any better, I still love you" lmao . .dis is d 1st time i'm hearin dis as a "breakup" line,lol. .
    na only4 oyibo movie u dey hear,"if u luv me,u'll jst hv2let me go",like seriously????lol. .
    I totally agree wiv u on dis,"i luv u" jst doesnt cut it dese daes. .

  2. You go fear breakup line na. Lol @ 'na only for oyibo movie....'


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