To Come Out or Not?

I want come out. Should I come out? Maybe I should just wait till someone outs me? But I want share. Tell people what it's like living like this. The beauty of it.

I have stayed in this closet long enough. There is really no reason why I should remain here. I have the support of loved ones. I want to share my experience with the world.

Should I stay or should I come out? To come out or not to come out? Suggestions? Encouragement? Anybody?


  1. Scarlet... aYam lost eh!!! Biko HeXpanTiate :(...

    Just so you know, I subscribed to your Blog... I read every single post... Keep Keeping on Bubba... Keep up the good work... So back to my kWeshion.... Come out from Wia?!

    1. Hahaha, like Black Coffee said, suspense is the name of the game. Hang on for the ride.
      Thanks mucho for subscribing dear. You are probably my biggest supporter on here. You make me want to keep on.

  2. I love suspense, it's more interesting n makes more sense at the end. So I would rather you don't come out exactly but enable your readers to travel with you on whatever it is but don't let d cat out whatever or however you put it. Love you.

  3. Black Coffee, I know an OAP by that name. Is this the same one? :). Hmmm, thinking about your suggestion. Thanks for stopping by and I love you for loving me :)


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