All you need is Faith

Hey guys, this is a quick post to encourage someone.

In Mark 4:39 Jesus rebuked the storm, and spoke to the sea. This is how we should approach issues in our lives. Rebuke the storm - (problem,root) and speak to/declare over the sea (life, career, body - whatever is being buffeted.

You think God doesn't care? Not true. He's done everything already and shaking His head, waiting for you to do what you're supposed to do. Jesus asked the disciples, why are you afraid? Why do you still not have faith? Meaning they could have easily stopped that storm.

Then after he did, they were awed and wonder what kind of man he was that the wind and sea obeyed him. They still did not get it! The wind and sea would have obeyed them too. All they needed was FAITH and ACTION. That's all you need friends for with faith all things are possible. And it is with your shield of faith that you will quench the fiery darts of the enemy. SELAH

DIY - Crochet Twists

Hey guys, how are you doing? Hmmm, what's that smell? Looove. Love is in the air. Haha. So how are you guys planning to spend your Valentine's Day? Any romantic dinners? Dates? Staycation? Nothing? Valentine's Day! The fuss. I do not understand it. How people decided that this one day should be what it is. Does anyone even remember it's origin? No, I'm not writing history today. You'll have to find that out some other way😁.

Now to the post. It's just another DIY. This time with pre-twisted hair. Y'all remember that crochet wig I made with a hair net? Well,  I took out the twists. That wig did not stand a chance. Talking of wigs, I got some really nice wig caps that can be used for crochet wigs. Got them from Konga. Plus, I can hook you up if you'd like to own a beautiful wig (any kind). Y'all need to be following me on Instagram too - @scarletxianne. As I was saying, I took out the twists that still looked new and made regular crochet with them. I must say it turned out really nice. Don't take my word for it. I'd Let the pictures do the talking.
                  Wig caps I got.

How I made it? I did 16 cornrows to the back with one lying horizontally at my nape. Sorry, no pictures. Will try to get some next time. The one cornrow at the back was so I could pack the hair in a ponytail. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it in a ponytail yet. I still have the style in though. Here are the very few pictures I've been able to take with the hair.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day tomorrow guys and be safe (no, not that safe).

Pictures of the wig caps are from

What Did You Just Say?!

I try to choose my words carefully when I'm chatting. I understand that words can be ambiguous. Words that seem harmless can be read to mean something entirely different. Written words are different from spoken words. Passing a message across in a chat can seem like a daunting task. One has to be really careful. You don't want to start a fire when all you wanted was to pass a compliment. Thank God for emojis and emoticons. However, while they come in handy they are still not adequate. With spoken words, a person's tone can help with construction. You don't have that with written words or chat. A message can have any meaning depending on who is reading.

Personally, I read messages in the sender's voice. This helps me to better understand what the person is saying. However, this is not always the case. I've been guilty of giving a different meaning to a person's message in the past. Thank God we were able to laugh it over. I attributed it to my state of mind at the time. It wasn't. The statement was in fact ambiguous and sounded mostly insulting, however you read it.

Chatting might be an affordable and convenient means of communication, but it definitely isn't the best. So the next time you're chatting choose your words carefully. Do not be quick to offence. Accompany your words with appropriate emojis and enjoy your chat 😊.

Till I come your way again, be safe. 

My Miracle Baby - Conclusion

If you have read my previous posts about my miracle baby; part 1 and part 2, then you know the doctor said I would lose my baby. But that was just the beginning. Here's the concluding part.

So the next day after we were told we'd lose the pregnancy we went to the state-owned hospital. We met one of the doctors whose contacts were given to us by our pastor. The other one who happened to work in the radiology department was not around. Let me call her Doctor A.  Well, she sent us off to the scan room. When I got there, they asked me to drink a lot of water and wait. Everyone was made to do this. They warned you not to pee or you'd drink water and wait again. According to them, this was so the scan will "see something". So I waited. And waited. And waited. Till I almost peed on myself. Everytime I went to tell them I was really pressed they told me to keep waiting. I was practically in tears before they let me go in for the scan. My people, na so I see am. When, they also made us buy tissue paper that they would use to clean you from them. The place was full of tissue paper which they probably resold to other people.

I laid down and got ready for the doctor. Then he came and started to check. The trolley/bed/worefa was positioned in a way that patients couldn't see the scanner. I wonder why. Well, the doctor kept rubbing and rubbing my belly with the stuff. Then he asked me questions like; when was your last period? Have you seen any blood? Told him my last period and that I had not seen any blood. Then he started to press my belly really hard. Chai! Mind you I had still not peed. Dude just kept pressing and pressing. "let me press whether I will see something", he said. Then finally, he said he couldn't see anything. Ah!

I went back to Doctor A with the result. We told her they had done a scan and a blood test at the other hospital. Her colleagues laughed and said something like they did not trust the hospital. Doctor A, God bless her then sent me to do a blood serum test, in the same hospital. I did and the result showed positive. So why could the scanner not see anything? Doctor A sent me back to the Radiologist with my positive result and a note asking him to do another scan. You guys remember the process? Thankfully, I didn't have to wait soooo long this time. Well, the Doctor checked and still did not see anything. He then asked that I come back the next day so he and two other doctors could check together. That was after telling me, "for now you are not pregnant".

We did go back the next day. The head of Radiology, who happened to be the other Doctor (Doctor B) whose contact we had, was also around. There was also another doctor that seemed to be on housemanship, then the doctor from the previous day. The student doctor checked me first and said she could actually see a sign. The they all gathered round me as Doctor B checked.  She checked for a while then I heard, "is that not a mole? " Ah! What mole? Of course, it's Nigeria so you don't go and be asking plenty kweshun. The other Doctor actually asked me to keep quiet and let him work the previous day, when I was asking questions. So I kept mum and when they were done checking I asked my husband to talk with them while I rushed off to pee.

My husband filled me in when I got back. They had seen a fibroid. They was sign of a sac but they couldn't see the embryo. I was to come back in three weeks so they could check the viability of the pregnancy. At this time I was just a month gone. Well, I kukuma gave them one month before going back. I met only the student Doctor Who told me their machine "was not working for pregnant women". She went on to say that their machine was faulty, that she remembered my case and would recommend that I went elsewhere . She said while the scan machine could tell if I'm pregnant, it could not confirm the viability of the pregnancy.

We did go elsewhere. Our doctor recommended a place. A scan was done and the radiologist said my baby was doing fine. He made sure I saw it for myself. The scan confirmed what I knew all along. At this time, my baby was 9 weeks and 5 days old. We went back to our doctor with the result, after which we went home praising God. The pregnancy was pretty much uneventful and at 38 weeks 6 day I put to bed a beautiful baby girl. She had a head full of dark curls and looked a lot like her daddy. Except she took my complexion. At the time though, everyone thought she'd get dark. Instead she got lighter. she's 14 months old and other than salvation, the best thing that ever happened to me. I can't thank God enough for her and I give him all the glory.

We Made it!

 I just had to rush in here to wish you a happy and prosperous new year. I don't know how your 2016 was but I declare that your 2017 shall be great. It shall be our best year yet. At the end of this year you'll look back and smile in Jesus' name.

Personally, I was happy to see 2016 end. I cannot in all honesty say it was a good year for me. I am just grateful I made it out. In fact, it might have been my worst year ever. But I pray and believe 2017 will be nothing like 2016.

Thank God for another year! I thank God because He still proved himself faithful. He came through for us. He fought all our battles. When the enemy attacked He raised a standard against him. Boy, did the devil try!  From my health to my baby's, to my husband's, to my dad's. Ha! But he failed woefully.

God, in his mercies kept us. Lord, you are great. You are awesome. There is none like you. My King of Glory. The One who was there for me when no one else was. The One who is always there for me. Words cannot express my gratitude but I say, thank you Lord. 

The Pressure Never Ends


In Economics we were taught that human wants are insatiable. Well, I say human beings are insatiable, period. I say this because with every stage of your life they seem to expect more from you. When you graduate from Secondary school you'd have people asking if you've gained admission yet. Then you're in the University and they're like, "Scarlet you've not graduated?". Do you even know when I got in school? I want to ask. When you do graduate they go "You've not still gone for NYSC?"

Why so curious ehn? Why do we feel the need to know? Why can't you wait till the person volunteers the information? Or wait till you stumble on it? It doesn't end with NYSC o. That's even when it really starts. You'll hear, "Na husband remain o", "na to start work now o". As though they kept a job for you somewhere. Almost everyone starts asking when you're getting married, who's the lucky guy, bla bla bla. Someone even asked me "when is the wedding?", like she knew about an engagement I was not aware of. God help you if you're in your mid to late twenties or even older. You might just have to get ear plugs.

When God does it for you and you get married, you'd think they'd just let you enjoy your marriage and relax. Mba o. That's when you'll hear, "the thing don enter?", "any bun in the oven"? To be honest, I've been guilty of this. But I've learnt to keep my curiosity to myself, especially in matters like this. You just never know how the person would take it. People are different and some more sensitive than others. While I do not have any problems with a CLOSE friend asking if I'm pregnant yet, depending on how long I've been married and maybe trying to get pregnant, I may not want to hear it. I remember having a neighbor say to me after I got married, "Iyawo give us baby o". Like seriously, give us baby? Us who? Did they want my baby for than I did?

Then you get pregnant and are barely showing before you start hearing, "you never born?" Hian! You have your baby. Praise God. World people still won't let you rest. You just got back from the hospital and someone is asking. "Hope it was not CS o?" "Hope no tear?" "Did they cut you?". Is it your business? Does it matter? Like, why so curious? As your baby gets older you'd still hear things like, "is she sitting yet?" "Has she started walking?". Of course she has.  Since the average child starts walking at 8 months!

While you're still trying to juggle motherhood with being a wife and a career person. And still dealing with the midnight nursing, diaper changes and forever changed body, someone thinks it's okay to ask why you're not yet pregnant for the second baby.  If they knew what I went through during and after pregnancy,  they'd ask me to take a 5-year break.

You see, human beings are insatiable. You can't live your life taking what people say seriously. Try not to take things to heart. Be sensitive to the feelings of others. Do not be overly curious. They did say "curiosity killed the cat that got the canary". Hehehe, I couldn't resist.

Till next time guys. 

My Very First Perm Rods Set

Hey guys, how you doing? I finally got round to doing my first perm rods set. I stumbled on some cold wave rods sometime ago. Finally! After months, abi years of searching for them here in Akure. I got a pack of twelve for 150 naira. I know right! I was not expecting it to be so cheap.

I unravelled the rods the next day and got this.

 I got a bit of tangling though while trying to unravel. Some strands of hair got ripped off and remained on the rods. That's when I noticed the rods have some raised points on them. They dont have a smooth surface. I'd have to be more careful the next time I use them, so I don't lose hair.

                                           By the next day, see what was left of the curls.

I decided to put my hair in a quick protective style after the hair started to shrink and poof.

That's it guys. Till next time.
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