Simbi is back!

Hello people. How has your day been? Mine's been fine. So, I came across this post on Bella Naija where Yvonne “Vixen” Ekwere of Silverbird’s E-Weekly threaded her hair for a photo shoot and got quite a number of compliments. Everyone thought it was nice and wished that ladies would bring it back. Well, I have! 
My friends think I'm crazy for doing it but, I recently started to thread my hair and I love it. I no longer care for weaves. This may because I'm transitioning. This past weekend, I had to wear weaves for a friend's wedding and seriously, I can't wait to lose it. 
So, I've decided to treat you guys to pictures of me with my threaded hair. Enjoy :).

At the birthday party of the lady on the left
At work

I just made the hair here


  1. Beautiful Hair!

  2. You jazzed upp the look so well, I love it :)

    1. Wow! What an honour! Myne visited my blog. Thanks Myne :)

    2. I luv the look on you. I'm transitioning (Since March this year) as well but not sure if i can boldly rock the thread hairdo.
      My workplace is not a problem as our dress code is informal(my boss has got "dread"locks). I've been on kinky braids since September and cannot think of anything else to do.
      Any suggestions?

    3. HiTybay,you could get wool braids too.Also,you can thread 'one,one'with wool so it kinda looks like dreads. Note that my hair was made with wool too. Sometimes, I make 'didi' and wear a wig.However,I can't wait to rock just my hair :). Hope my suggestions help....


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