Beautiful Brides and Bridezillas

Hey guys, hope you missed me cos I missed you guys like crazy!  Wanted to post since but I just did not have time. I just had one of the most stressful and amazing weeks of my life! Phew! My friend's wedding finally happened. She's officially a Mrs. I am almost as thrilled as she is. I just love weddings. They are usually beautiful but my friend's own was awesome. Seriously! I saw a side to my friend that I knew existed but just had not seen. She really came out. She unleashed. She surprised almost everyone, but not me. I always knew she had it in her.
About a month or so before the wedding, I said to her "you better go and learn all the dance steps o" . I told her if she didn't, I would steal her show cos I was already learning my moves. And my girl did not disappoint me. She danced! As in! I could not keep up with her at all. See my friend doing azonto now.
Then time for photographs, come and see posing. She was even suggesting poses to the photographer, " we have not done 'looking into our eyes', let's do 'looking into our eyes'." That's what she said as she and her hubby proceeded to take a photograph looking into each other's eyes.
Then there was the Bridezilla thing. Of all the weddings I've been part of, she is the first Bridezilla I've seen. She was snapping at almost everybody and everything. Phew! As the bride's maid, I hear wheen! At a time, I was even scared of going close to her as we all got ready at her family house. Everybody around knew my name. Strangers were calling my name because of her. As I post this sef, small fear still dey my body :). I decided to give her some space. Let her go for honeymoon and come back first. By that time, maybe the bridezilla that took over my friend's body would have let it go. I definitely hope that person snapping at me and ordering me around is not here to stay.
Did I mention that she was also the most excited bride I have ever seen? And the most beautiful too. I'm not being biased o. She was breathtaking. Don't worry, if I'm able to psych her, you would see a few pictures here.
On the whole, the weekend of her traditional and church wedding was very exciting. Plus I got to see old classmates and schoolmates. And one of my Exes too, hmm and I did not even feel bad or angry at him. Wow! It was such a nice feeling, to finally let go of the hurt. Sweet release, it was. Thank God.
Alright, one wedding gone, few more to go. Who knows? I may be next :D

PS: After what I saw as Chief bride's maid at this wedding, Hope, you have plenty bribing to do o. Lol. Just kidding. You know I'd do anything for my girls :*


  1. Eyah! It's pre-wedding stress, you know planning a wedding takes time and effort especially when you have a mental picture of how you want your wedding to are a good friend for being so understanding.

    1. You're right about the pre-wedding stress, Willow and as for being a good friend, I try :). Thanks for stopping by.


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