DIY - Drawstring Ponytail

Hey guys, how you doing? So I recently made a drawstring ponytail. I've since gotten questions on how I made it. What weave I used? So here I am answering those questions.

I had a pack of Miss Rose faux locs weave lying around and didn't know what to do with it. I then decided to make a drawstring ponytail with it. So off to YouTube I went. Well, the video I found was old and only slightly helpful. But I went on with my plan anyway.

Here's how I made it. Using that 100 crochet cap as my wig cap, I sewed the weave on it, passed a string round the perimeter of the wig cap and Viola! However, there was one small or big problem. Since I used just one pack, it was pretty scanty and the holes in the cap were visible. I thought to my self, " chai, what have I done? So I've wasted my time and wig cap just like that ". I tried to convince myself I could still wear it. I'm not sure I succeeded sha. I just kept it in a corner.

Months later I stumbled on it and decided to take another look at it while lamenting my "failed" DIY attempt. And out of the blues, a thought popped into my to head. "unravel it", the thought said. " No way! You'd just ruin everything ", my head replied as my fingers decided to do their own bidding and start unravelling. By the time I unravelled a few locs, I couldn't believe my eyes. What! It worked! I proceeded to unravel the rest happily. The more I unravelled, the bigger the hair got. It was no longer scanty. And the curls? They were just beautiful. I mean I've had people asking me what weave I used, even in the market. I got the weave for 500 naira last year, guys!

So that's how I unintentionally ended up with this beautiful drawstring frotailšŸ˜Š.

I'll see you guys on the next post. Bye for now.
PS: I worked with what I had but there are better alternatives. Yours might turn out better if you got them.


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