DIY - Crochet Twists

Hey guys, how are you doing? Hmmm, what's that smell? Looove. Love is in the air. Haha. So how are you guys planning to spend your Valentine's Day? Any romantic dinners? Dates? Staycation? Nothing? Valentine's Day! The fuss. I do not understand it. How people decided that this one day should be what it is. Does anyone even remember it's origin? No, I'm not writing history today. You'll have to find that out some other way😁.

Now to the post. It's just another DIY. This time with pre-twisted hair. Y'all remember that crochet wig I made with a hair net? Well,  I took out the twists. That wig did not stand a chance. Talking of wigs, I got some really nice wig caps that can be used for crochet wigs. Got them from Konga. Plus, I can hook you up if you'd like to own a beautiful wig (any kind). Y'all need to be following me on Instagram too - @scarletxianne. As I was saying, I took out the twists that still looked new and made regular crochet with them. I must say it turned out really nice. Don't take my word for it. I'd Let the pictures do the talking.
                  Wig caps I got.

How I made it? I did 16 cornrows to the back with one lying horizontally at my nape. Sorry, no pictures. Will try to get some next time. The one cornrow at the back was so I could pack the hair in a ponytail. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of it in a ponytail yet. I still have the style in though. Here are the very few pictures I've been able to take with the hair.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day tomorrow guys and be safe (no, not that safe).

Pictures of the wig caps are from


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