My Very First Perm Rods Set

Hey guys, how you doing? I finally got round to doing my first perm rods set. I stumbled on some cold wave rods sometime ago. Finally! After months, abi years of searching for them here in Akure. I got a pack of twelve for 150 naira. I know right! I was not expecting it to be so cheap.

I unravelled the rods the next day and got this.

 I got a bit of tangling though while trying to unravel. Some strands of hair got ripped off and remained on the rods. That's when I noticed the rods have some raised points on them. They dont have a smooth surface. I'd have to be more careful the next time I use them, so I don't lose hair.

                                           By the next day, see what was left of the curls.

I decided to put my hair in a quick protective style after the hair started to shrink and poof.

That's it guys. Till next time.


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