This is the place I live  
It's peaceful here
The only worries are those I let in
No phony friends can find me here
Life's disappointments can't reach me here  
Here, I have witty conversations with my mind
My mind........she's funny
She's naughty too
And when she's not in the mood to chat
I seek other companions
My companions........they are not always human
You see, company is the place I visit
Solitude is where I live
And I love it here                                               


  1. Nice post Bubba, really calm and insightful, well in a way oh! **Winks.

    I want a new Post! I want a new Post!! i want a new Post!! **Crying in French. Well In the words of my Blogger friend Tibs ""I will be BACK"" **In Terminators voice.

    1. Lol........I'm curious as to what you mean by 'in a way' though.


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