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To me, the most important make up products are eye brow pencils. Don't know if I can do without them, considering my brows are almost non-existent. At a time in my life, I could not leave my house without using eye brow pencils. It did not matter if it was 5:30 am or if I was going to work out - as I did in my university days. I was usually self-conscious of my naked eyebrows. Not without reason. I do look a little funny when I don't use eyebrow pencil. I look eyebrow-less. But I have o. They are just very light and scanty. In fact, even if I forgot to use my friend( room-mate then) would remind me.

So you can call me an 'eye brow pencil addict', hehehe. You can now understand how interested I am in drawing/shading on the perfect eyebrows, and also understand my fascination with the recent craze to first carve out/trace  the brows before filling. But you see, despite all my trials I have not quite mastered the art. Maybe I don't have the right tools, like concealer brush?
I do wonder what the fuss is about though. So if I don't do my eyebrows like that it means I don't know how to do make up or what? Does it make me old school? I have decided to show you guys a few pictures of my day to day brows. No pictures of the new type of brows becos I never learn am :).
My friend -an example of the modern eyebrows
Mua - old school?
So, I decided to show off my hair :)
Please tell, do I need to change the way I do my brows?

PS: I couldn't find any pictures of me and my natural brows :p


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