Who Send Me Message?

I visited a salon recently and I was reminded all over again why I hardly ever go to salons. Kai! My hair suffered. I don't even know if it will recover. In fact, I'm contemplating a cut.....or a trim. Just anything to try to salvage my hair. I think I might have lost one-third of my length and volume over all that combing. Who send me message? I kept asking myself if it was worth it? Should I get up and go? Na wetin I do myself so?

You see, I tried avoid the above scenario. I properly detangled my hair. With a comb sef. And I rarely use a comb.... for obvious reasons. I went on to put my hair in an African threading style, just to stretch it. My hair was stretched. Detangled. But Madam Salon-Owner still insisted on combing. I told her to use her fingers. She said it won't be neat. It won't be neat?! If I didnt make hair myself I'd probably believe that crap. I even make my own hair and it is always neat.  Just cos I wanted a particular style I felt I couldn't do myself, you will now come and go and finish the hair I've spent 5 years (5 years!) growing because "it will not be neat".

I bet y'all will be thinking it's one hot style now. Mba o. It isn't. Ordinary adimole (corn rows) na im wan finish my hair. I'm done guys. That's it. That's the last time I ever go to get my hair done in a none-natural-friendly salon.

I have been talking about what my hair suffered. How about what I suffered? The trauma I went through seeing my hair breaking off like that. All the talk I listened to. How I should relax the hair. Ha, Fegin hair! Ko ti fo'se si? How the hair is too plenty. How they would have charged me more had they seen my hair first. How they would not have agreed to do it sef! They almost convinced me I was crazy to be keeping natural hair. The words were just creeping into my mind small small. I started to contemplate relaxing. I began thinking, "maybe they are right. I should relax it". How not every hair stylist can do my hair. They sure were right about this one. They proved it even. Kai! All the negativity and discouragement. Trust me guys. You don't need them in your life. I certainly don't. That's why I'm not going back there. If you're natural and you make your hair in the average Nigerian salon, how do you do it?

My people, thank you for listening to my rant. This has really been therapeutic. I may recover from the trauma after all. Thank you for always being here. Thank you.

But...... who send me message?

I couldn't even force a smile


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