7 + The One

I love weddings. I really do. But after being Maid of honor at my friend's
wedding in 2012, I said I was done being in bridal trains. Alas, I have
been in two others this year. Oh, I love being a part of the big day of
friends and then a few strangers( How people can ask someone they barely
know to be in their bridal train is beyond me). Oh well. Me wey gree nko? I
just find it hard to turn people down. I have to learn.
So my title says...you know what it says. I have worn six bride's maid
dresses. Reminds me(not) of the movie, 21 dresses. If I add my flower girl
dress, that's seven. However, I want to wear one more dress and not one more bridal dress. I want to wear the one dress. My wedding dress.
So here's a reminder to Mr "very near future husband". Hey Mister, haf you heard? It's been fun wearing the seven
dresses but I do not want to wear bride's maid dresses any more. I want to wear the one now. I guess what I'm saying is, hurry up and make the dresses 7+ the One!

PS: I'd make an exception for you Gesiere, only if you hurry and have your wedding before mine. :D


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