Hair Again!

Hey guys! If you read my last post then you know how I was ranting about not knowing any Naturals in Port-Harcourt. I also said that I could not find products for my natural hair. Well, I still have not found any Naturals. However, I have been able to locate some products for my hair. Yay! Yes o. So, on my birthday, which was last friday, I walked into a supermarket, straight to the groceries section and then asked a sales person I saw if they had coconut oil. She pointed up and right in front of me were bottles and bottles of coconut oil. I literally jumped in glee. I was so happy. Finally! I quickly grabbed two bottles.

I also got a bottle of Extra-virgin olive oil, hair conditioner and shampoo, or so I thought. It turns out I grabbed the wrong bottle because the next day I discovered what I thought was shampoo was some kinda leave-in conditioner, which was a good thing because I wanted a leave-in but I didn't know I already had one. And my dear Dudu Osun would come in handy as a shampoo :).

However, there's a catch to all this. It turns out I do not trust the quality of the coconut oil I bought. I have read that one way to know a good one is by the smell. It should smell like coconut. The last one I used smelt delicious ,just like coconut. A friend gave me some of hers. Well, mine was odourless. I also read that Extra virgin coconut oil was the best quality but mine just said 'pure coconut oil'. That mine is odourless could only mean one thing;it's been overly refined. Which makes it of a lesser quality than the extra virgin type. In my excitement, I had grabbed two bottles, now I'm not so pleased about them. I guess I'd be more ......careful to look for things like that next time?

In another news, I got my kinky twists in, myself! Sinceeee, the hair don dey old sef. Visit for picture(s). Lera.....


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