It's Just Life

I think people should get off their high moral grounds. I think I should get off mine. It's easy to be angry at someone for doing something you do without thinking twice. The more I see of humans, the more hypocritical I find us to be. It's really easy to point the accusing finger at others. And you know what they say, four fingers point back at you.

I have learned not to expect so much from people. I've had all kinds of people let me down. Parents, friends, siblings etc. So I learned that lesson. I also do not take myself too seriously. So I rarely get mad at or hurt by people. They are human beings afterall. Sometimes I think of human beings as the basest of all animals. Animals do some terrible things their young, but it's because they don't know better. Humans on the other hand? Even the Bible said the heart of man is desperately wicked.

I guess what I'm trying to say is I do not take life and all it's trappings seriously. It's what life itself taught me. For instance, this is the reason I can wear my hair natural amid scorn from ignorant folks. It's the reason I can leave my house to work without any makeup. It's the reason I don't "break my head" when friends do not act like friends. It's the reason I don't cry when my father or mother throws hurtful words at me. It's the reason I can say hi to someone who called me names the previous week. It's the reason I can't be sad that I do not have my dream job yet. It's the reason I could never be jealous of another person! The list goes on....and finally, it's the reason I cannot contemplate suicide despite life's challenges.

 I leave you with the words of a wise young woman(yours truly) :-) "It's just life folks, it's not that serious". Let me add that eternity;where we spend it, is much more serious. Selah.


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