Asoebi for Sale

I know, I know. It’s been ages, and I have missed you too. Like crazy! Pele, sorry, ema bi nu, ndo……..I am ashamed of myself. What kind of blogger am I sef? Anyways, I’ve missed blogging and I’m glad to be back. I pray I don’t go AWOL again J.
Hmmm, I have plenty to share with you guys o. Plenty things I want to talk about. So, I am planning a wedding. Yep, I am getting married. Wedding planning nor be joke o. That aside, the first thing I want to talk about is Asoebi. Some people would tell you your wedding planning is not complete without Asoebi. Well, I think Asoebi is nice. It adds colour to an occasion. However, I did not intend to have it for my wedding o, but friends and family managed to convince me otherwise. Now I have gone and bought fabric for a select few. The others would have to go with the colour code.

Why did I not consider it initially? It is stressful. You have to go shop for fabric, look for people to buy, ‘drag’ money …...I don’t have that kind of energy biko.  Also, money that could have been used to do something else is tied up. Sometimes, until after the wedding…….or forever. Some people may never pay up.

However, I just found out something else about Asoebi. It is actually a way to raise money. Imagine my shock when I found out how much gain someone made from selling Asoebi. Some people actually rip their friends and family off in the name of selling Asoebi. Not cool. I wonder how many ‘Asoebi wearers’ know this. I was talking with another person and he said most ‘Asoebi wearers’ are aware, and that they see it as their  contribution to the wedding. This is why some of them don’t bother to get a gift.
Personally, I feel some kind of way about someone inviting me to their wedding and ripping me off o. I know some people give out the Asoebi for free though. But most times you can’t use them after one wash. Same goes for some that did not even come free of charge.

What say you then? Did you know about gaining from Aso
me and my friend Hope in asoebi 
ebi? Is it okay? Please share your thoughts. I would love to hear them. Lerra.


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