How You Doing Guys?

Hey guys, been a while huh? First, let me say a very happy new year to you. How I have missed you guys. Trust me, I am not AWOL by choice. Anyways, I'm so glad we can catch up. So what's been up with you? Anything exciting? Me? Not so much, but
I did get married and relocated to another city :-D.

My dears, it's not been easy o. Especially since I'm back on the favour market. Things we do for marriage. I gotta tell you though, marriage is amazing. But it's also real life, so do the math.

Gotta go now. Will be back for my first real post of the year. Kisses.


  1. .. And the crowd goes.. Awwwwggghhh really?! You got married! Oooosssshhhheeey Turn up!! **Dancing Shoki that I cannot dance in my head for you now oh! Plus I am smiling like a fish too.. Nicceee... i knew there must have been a ghen ghen reason behind your absence... Congratulobia Mzz Scarlet.. **Whispers.. I like teh sound of that... bet wait oh! **Scratches Head.. You Promised a proper post siiinnnccceee January 22nd.. We havent seen it oh Scarlet.. Pretty please Bubba, come and give us wedding gist nah.. **Winks...

    1. My dear, don't vex for me pls. Trying to blog under the worst possible conditions. Gist is coming ;-)

  2. We sure need to hear all the gist surrounding you marriage (preparations and otherwise) , so single guys n ladies can learn.


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