Hair Files- Flat Twist Outs

Heys guys, how you been? So a few weeks ago, I decided to try out a flat twist out. I'd washed my hair and put it in flexi-rods and a few plastic rollers, which I let stay on overnight.

By the time I took out the rods and rollers the next afternoon, the parts of my hair where I used flexi-rods were still not dry and had no curls :(. I got opposite results where I used rollers though.

Anyways, after plenty brainstorming, I decided to do a flat twists in front and jumbo normal twists behind. I wore my hair like this for a few days before unraveling to give me a half twist-outs/flat twist-out style.

What do ya think? Was it a hit or a miss?
Please let me know in the comment box :-).


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