I Too Know!

I have cold sores. Cold sores are originally caused by the Herpes simplex virus. They are blisters that break out at the corner of your mouth or nose. Once you have an attack, be sure that they'd keep coming back. Subsequently, they could be brought on by fever,stress etc. I don't know exactly what brought it on this time but I did wake up on saturday with a high body temperature.

This once when I had it, I went to the Pharmacy to get an ointment for it. I'd read that anti-viral ointment helps. Apparently, they did not have it. They kept pointing me to their anti-fungal creams. So, I started to explain that what I needed was an anti-viral cream because I had cold sores which were caused by the Herpes Simplex virus....Their eyes went wide when I called 'herpes'. At the time, I did not know why, then they said anti-fungal was all they had. So I left.

It was not until I went back to our Medical book at home that I found out why. The Herpes simplex virus is also responsible for Genital Herpes. So, they probably thought I had it! As embarrassed as I felt(hello? My reputation....the husband and wife that ran the pharmacy were practically neighbours), I also shook my head at the fact that they knew so little about cold sores?

Anyways, that's what you get for doing 'over sabi' :). Coincidentally, I read a few days ago that Shea butter helps clear it. I applied Shea butter immediately I noticed the blisters forming. So far, it has not spread.

 So, I guess it works.



  1. Hahahaha, but come, your case was not an "I too know case" They were supposed to more more. They are in the medical profession, yet you introduced them to new medical words.

    Sorry about the cold sores. I am following you.

  2. Heyaa.....sry oo
    I jst let it run out anytime I hv it

    1. Thanks jare, my dear runaway blogreader :).


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