Is Age Really Just A Number?

There seems to be an endless debate on age difference between couples. Does it really not matter that a 23 year old woman marries a 50 year old man, or vice-versa?

I think it depends on the individuals involved. The motive and reason for the union. If you are a woman who does not have any qualms with marrying a younger man, and one proposes to you, by all means go ahead. If you are a 23 year old woman and you want to marry a 60 year old man, for the right reasons, fine.

Personally, I believe that if God through His Word or His Spirit does not frown at it, there is nothing wrong with it. The Bible even records cases where age difference between couple was quite much. There's the case of Ruth and Boaz. See Ruth 3:10. There was also David in 1 Kings 1:1-4, where a young damsel was brought to minister to him in his old age.  
It is true that there was no clear case of a man marrying an older woman, it does not mean it did not happen. Even if it did not happen in Bible days, it was not and is still not a sin.

So, I comes down to personal preference, motive and reason. Is age just a number? I have said my piece, over to you.


  1. Hey!!! you have me hooked to your Blog some how, i just cant stop scrolling :) Sadly its COB so i have to leave. i believe that Age is quite important. Not to seem like a Wet blanket, but regardless how we try to sugar coat it, such relationships always have their flaws and set backs. RESPECT is always a usual wahala Factor. Nice Blog. I am hooked kinda :) :) So i dont want to gooooo.. **crying in French. Your writing is as vast as the Ocean, you touch everywhere... **Smiles. Cheers Bubba. My am I glad i stumbled here. ;)


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