What's Age Got to do With it?

Sometime ago a friend of a friend paid me a visit. First, when he called to say he wanted to see me I was surprised. But I agreed to see him. We met at a Restaurant. After we exchanged pleasantries, he got down to the reason he came. He wanted me to overlook his friend's short-comings and give serious thought to his proposal. His friend, my friend had proposed a while before the visit and I was still thinking and praying about it. I thought he was a good friend to be doing that for his friend. Note that his friend was unaware of this visit, and he asked me not to tell him. Well I haven't, I hope :). I'm not sure he reads my blog so....Besides I'm not using any names :)
As commendable as his act was, he said something during the visit that got me riled up. As he spoke to me, he said ' personally I would not marry any girl that is above 25'. Not sure why he said that. What was he implying? Marry my friend while you are still within the range? I mean, what's that? What has age got to do with it? What's with the discrimination against women because of their age? What is the difference between a woman of 25 and a woman of 28 for instance? Or even 30? Why would someone say he would marry one and not the other? I wish I'd asked him, but that would have derailed us from the reason he came.
This week I've been asked my age twice. I am comfortable with telling my age. If my age intimidates you then I probably do not need you around me. Funnily, I'm sure he's not alone in his way of thinking. And it's that mentality that makes women feel the need to falsify their age. Because there are men out there that say they won't marry a woman above 25, some women have multiple 25th birthdays. Reminds me of that Alex O's song where he sang about women celebrating 22 today and 21 the next birthday or something like that. Can't remember it so well. At least I try na. How many of you have even heard of Alex O? :D
Well, I'm just saying, enough with the age discrimination already. Enough with the pressure on women to marry before a certain age! Women now rush in and then out of marriages because they do not want to cross the age benchmark set by short-sighted people. The ones above would go to any length to get a proposal. Divorce rate is getting high in Nigeria. And this is one of the reasons.
The romantic that I am, I wanted to be married by 21. But I'm way past 21 and not married. As much as I want to be married, I would not marry just any man that proposes because of my age or because everyone is getting married. It is very good to marry, so long as it is for the right reasons.

I will bring my rantings to close by saying, Ladies, don't let anyone intimidate you into marrying the wrong person because of your age or any reason. It'll be you in the marriage, not them. Keep your head high, be wise, improve yourself . A great guy would not be as superficial as to reject you because you are older than 25!


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