Good morning friends. I decided to share from my devotion today, so here goes.
A pastor was entertained on one occasion in the home of a wealthy oil man in Texas. After the dinner, the man took him up to the roof of his house and pointed at huge fields of oil derricks, and said,"Pastor, that's all mine. I came to this country 25 years ago penniless, and now I own everything as far as you can see in that direction." Then he turned to the opposite direction and pointed to fields of grain and said again, "it's all mine. I own everything as far as you can see in that direction." Then he turned to the east and pointed to huge herds of cattle and said again, " it's all mine, everything as far as you can see in that direction is mine." One final time, he turned towards the west and pointed to a great virgin forest and said again, " it's all mine. 25 years ago, I was penniless, but I worked hard and saved, and today I own everything as far as you can see this direction, that direction, that direction, and this direction." He paused for the expected praise, but to his astonishment it didn't come. The pastor laid a hand lovingly on his shoulder, pointed upward and said, " my friend, how much do you have in that direction?" The man dropped his head in shame and said, "I never thought of that."
That story says it all. It is much more important to lay up treasures in heaven, my dears. Matthew 6:19-21 says

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

 The truth is, no matter what you think you have achieved and acquired, you can lose it all in the twinkle of an eye. When you leave this earth, you do not go with material possessions or academic achievements. What matters is where you spend eternity.
You think you are living the dream. You've got it all. The dream job, the dream spouse, beautiful children, flashy cars, mansions, beauty. You think life couldn't be better. Really?
Nobody leaves his house thinking he's going to meet his death. Yet people meet their untimely death daily. Everyone thinks it can't happen to them. But we're not more human than the people it happens to. The fact that we are alive today is enough reason to sing praises to God and give serious thought to where we would spend eternity.

Wise men say you should live your life in a way that you'll be remembered positively, after you're gone. As much sense as that makes, I say that, it does not matter to the person who's dead that he's being remembered on earth.
What matters to him is the place in eternity his life on earth has earned him. Once he's dead, he's done with earth. Whether you eulogise him, visit his grave every year, sing about him or not. It does not concern him. It only matters to you and his family, not him.

What I'm saying is, let's not lay up earthly treasures at the expense of laying up heavenly treasures. Let your life speak good of you in heaven, not just on earth. That is far more important!
I'll leave you guys with this beautiful and thought-provoking video of Casting Crown's American Dream. Remain blessed!

It's much more important to be welcomed
by Jesus when you leave earth


  1. True words Scarlet, it couldn't have been explained in a more better way. Just that sometimes, we get carried away with life, that we forget. We forget that this is not the arrival lounge, and that Earth is just the run way.

    Beautiful Article this is Scarlet, really Beautiful. I am no saint, but GOD bless you for sharing

  2. Thanks Nonso, God bless you too.


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