Hi Guys! It's been a great week for me and I thank God. I hope y'all have been great? I have been thinking about something lately. Something, I think I like to do. That I hope is no sin.
 Flirting. You see, I like to mess around with a few male friends. You know, jokes that are most times laced with truths. But still jokes. Actually, it just recently occurred to me that what I do might be flirting. So, I've looked up 'flirtation'. The Oxford Dictionary says it's ' behaviour that demonstrates a playful sexual attraction to someone'. The definition hits close to home, except for the'sexual' part. That's not always the case for me :). However, It gives me such pleasure to play around with a select few. Yeah, a select few. You see, I have a thing for fine guys. You know, guys that are easy on the eyes. They do not have to look like Boris Kodjoe to appeal to me. They might just be sweet-faced like my crush of the moment :). I know, I know, how carnal of me. Forgive me for being human, please.

Boris Kodjoe
 Of course, It usually ends at just the casual flirtation. I am very careful, so that no one gets the wrong idea. I just like to openly admire God's beautiful creation and play around, just a lil bit.
You guys think I should stop? Please tell.......


  1. well . .flirtation can also lead to sumfin else u knw. .some relationships actually start4rm "harmless" flirtation,it all depends on both parties and mayb self control(which i dont hv)lol

    1. I know, right? It sure can lead to something else. Sometimes, wahala. One has to be careful. Lol at you don't have self control. You better go and find it o, before you will enter wahala:-D.


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