I'm tempted to skip the pleasantries,considering I'm not in the best of moods right now, but you're all important to me, so I'll ask- how have y'all been? Well, no matter what's going on around you, you better thank God that your life has not been forcefully taken from you. That's what happened to 4 young adults a few days ago. I do not know exactly what happened. I've been reading different versions of the story online. One version says the boys were robbers who were caught. Another says it's a set-up. And yet another says they were cultists but what led to their being caught was a misunderstanding. Whatever the true story is, what bothers me is the fact that some 'human beings' took laws into their hands and proceeded to mete out jungle justice to the these four. I use the term 'human beings' loosely because I do not know why any person would bludgeon and beat another to death. As for those who stood and watched and even made videos, I have no words for them. I even hear one of them was burnt. How dare anyone take life that he can not give? May God have mercy on our land!
I am totally against jungle justice. No matter the offence committed. Even if it's just stripping them naked and parading them on the streets. It does no good.
I pray that justice is served in this matter. The authorities should not rest until the murderers of those four boys are punished. And I pray that God would console the bereaved. No human being can console them. Also, may this incident not repeat itself.
 Laws should be put in place prohibiting jungle justice of any kind, and prescribing appropriate punishment. We are humans, not animals. How dare you treat a human being, like you in a way I wouldn't allow a fowl be treated?
May God have mercy on us and cleanse our land, amen.


  1. those people must've killed b4......bcos 4sum2 keep hittin anova human being wiv dat kinda big piece of wood over n over n over and other people stood by watchin,dey must all hv a heart of stone.
    I've always been patriotic n i "used" 2 say stuff like "y wud i leave nigeria wen i can get all i want here" not anymore . .i'm leavin dis God 4saken country as soon as d opportunity arises. .

    1. Please don't leave us o, God has not forsaken us. We still need the patriotic ones, don't give up on us yet....but human beings are wicked. The bible said it in Jeremiah 17:9-'the heart is ......desperately wicked.....' May God have mercy on us all.


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