And I have to Let Him Go

Hi everyone. How are you doing? Hope you had a great Independence day celebration? I'm going to finish my story today. Hope you've been following?

As you guys know, I was so shocked at what I heard my date ask that I did not hear the reply to the question.The Waiter had already left our table by the time I could pull myself together. So I tell myself, 'what if I did not hear right?' Well, I decide to ask him what he had wanted to know from the Waiter, while 'kabashing' in my mind. 'What did you ask the Waiter?' O Lord, do not let my hopes be dashed to the ground, I prayed. I'd rather I did not hear correctly than find out the guy was not the 'one', after all. Come to think of it, I couldn't remember the last time I cleaned my ears. That had to be it! And he says, ' O, I was just wondering if they sold beer here. Turns out they don't. Oh no! It is finished! But maybe not. Let me ask why first. 'But why do you care if they sell beer or not?'
He gave me a funny look. ' I would have loved to have a bottle. My food goes down better with a bottle of beer '. And down went the last bit of hope I was holding on to.
It just couldn't work. I had ignored all those other little signs, the nudging I was getting from my spirit when we spoke. I was not going to ignore this one. Mba! I do not care for the argument that Christians could take alcohol, beer or other. A man who takes beer? Just doesn't cut it for me. A man who takes beer? He could not be a Christian. You have to understand ofcourse that I do not mean christianity as in religion but as a way of life. That you ticked the Christianity box on that form does not make you a Christian. That you go to church twice every week does not make you a Christian.
So, that's probably the last I'd see of Sochima. He wouldn't be the first of his kind that I'd be giving up. But I have do it. Not just for my Faith but for my future...and eternity.
Stay blessed Y'all.


  1. i dunno about u but judgin a man wiv d mere fact dat he drinks beer sounds "childish" and myopic 2me,attributin it2 christianity is blasphemous imho(mayb bcos i'm still tryna wrap my head around y Jesus turned water in2 wine).
    I hope ur not d kinda christian dat takes permission4rm a pastor b4 doin anyfin or d type dat goes "Daddy G.O" sed dis n dat. .
    Christianity aside,he sed "1bottle of beer" does dat mean hez a drunk?
    Does it also mean hez gonna b a bad husband and father2 ur future kids?
    Does it mean hez not gonna treat u d wae u ought2b treated? i cud go on n on
    I dont drink o,dnt get me wrong but it seems ur lookn 4 d perfect man(which doesnt exist)cos of d simple fact dat we're HUMAN . .i'm 100% certain dat u also hv alota downsides dat can turn "suitors" off. .
    U cud finally meet sum1 who doesnt drink and doesnt do all sorts and u get married bla bla bla . . den he turns u in2 a punchin bag(i've seen dis happen)
    Its also possible dat Sochima might like u enough 2 quit drinkin beer jst2 make u happy. .
    Look@ d big picture.

  2. It's a touchy subject really. Should Christians drink alcohol? I say no.But some christians think otherwise. And no, I'm not the kind of christian that always runs to Daddy G.O.
    But look at it this way, if a man drinks a bottle of beer on occasion, one day he'll be tempted to take more than one.That's how habit is born. I don't have all the answers, I'm not perfect, but a man who drinks alcohol is a 'no no' for me.By the way, the story is a fiction inspired by true events. Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment :)

  3. like i sed,its possible he myt like(mayb luv) u enuf 2 quit drinkin entirely. .

    According to Proverbs 20:1 (which u tweeted2me), "Wine is a mocker, strong drink is a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise." Wine and strong drink turn men into mockers and brawlers. Those who are under their influence scoff at what is holy, reject correction, ridicule the serious

    1bottle of beer wznt gonna make him drunk2make him do "all of d above" thereby ruinin ur date.

    I'm catholic. .
    An example dat doesnt entirely relate 2dis article thus follows . .
    i've hd2 delete a friend on bbm bcos she told me she left a guy dat was very very serious about marrying her bcos he's CATHOLIC,i wz gonna ask her if shez truly a christian or a traditional worshiper and 1of her gods told her not2marry him. .dese days i wonder d kinda Christianity we "so called" Christians practice . .

  4. First,Was not even about the date being ruined.A man who drinks is just not someone I want to marry. Sori u were offended by ur friend's decision. I can relate with her sha.It's complicated. However, the sooner we stopped seeing Christianity as a religion, the better for us. Having said that,the truth remains that Christians need to ask the HolySpirit for wisdom in taking decisions for GODLY wisdom is profitable to direct.

    1. lets b realistic,if he hid it 4rm u al tru wen u were datin and after u get married u find out he drinks,wat wud u do?

    2. Sweetheart, believe when I say it's not so much about the drinking as it is the kind of Christian he is. It could escape my physical eyes but not my Spirit. And that's not blasphemy....


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