The 'Test' in the Testimony(Part 2)

Hi all, this is a continuation of my previous post.Please read it to understand this one better.
 Before exams came , the faculty had finally gotten the School Senate to approve the Extra units that were applied for in 2008. It was now 2010. So the faculty said it was all resolved, that those of us affected no longer needed to write any exam! After paying school fees for another session, registering a fresh course, withdrawing my project, writing test, reading for exam, being stopped from going to law school with my mates? Talk of medicine after death. I wanted to cry. But I'd cried over and over, I was tired of crying.
I said, fine. I'd still write the exam. I did not want to hear stories later. Some of my colleagues did not write but I did. Result did not matter but when it came out I passed. You would think 'problem solved', right?
 Faculty compiled names for Law School and guess what? My name was not there. Why? They had put up a one-day notice that those eligible should indicate interest by sending in their result. I did not hear so I did not send in my result. What do we do? Those like me asked. 'Just submit your result but hardly anything can be done, we've already sent the names', they said. Or something like that.
You can not imagine what my parents and I went through this period. I prayed. I praised. I kept going to my faculty. I kept in touch with someone working in the Dean's office and called him to get updates on Law school list. Eventually, I got a call from him one day that I should go online and check for my name on the list. Before this time the list consisting of 250 names was already out and my name was not there. 250 was the quota Council of Legal Education gave my school for those eligible to apply to Law school. When he called me, I thought 'they must have added more names, they must have increased the quota'. So, I went to the cyber cafe to check. I looked at the total of names, it was still 250 and my spirit fell. I called my informant to tell him that the names were still 250. He said 'have you checked the list?'. I said 'no'. He then said ,'check the list for your name'. So I checked and behold, my name was there! I started to shake with joy. Finally! After two years of waiting. I knelt right there in the cyber cafe and thanked God. I did not care what anyone thought. I printed the page with my name and went home. I could barely contain my excitement. My Dad was out of town and my mom was at her shop. I called my dad and told him. First thing he said was 'glory be to God'. I waited for my mom to come back. When she sat down, I brought the printed sheet and gave it to her. She said 'what is this?'.
 I said 'my name has come out'.
' Law school?' She wanted to know with wide eyes. As soon as I nodded, she was on her feet, dancing from one end of the room to the other and praising God. It was both beautiful and funny to see her so happy. God is so good. I do not know what happened or whose name they removed to put mine, but my name made it to the list when it seemed like an impossibility. Is there anything too hard for God? No!
That's not the end o. To be continued...........


  1. wooooow. . .thank God o . .tho if not 4 our rapidly declinin educational sector,u wud've graduated 2yrs ago . .but thank God still

  2. Yes o. I still thank God for everything. Thanks for droping a comment :)

  3. well . .thanks 2 ur catchy name . .lol
    ur welcome . .

    1. Ah, I like your name too. It's a mixture of Igbo name and Yoruba accent :)

  4. wooow . .ur d 1st person2actually get d concept behind it oo . .i'm kinda 4rm both sides. .


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