It's been ages since I blogged, or so it seems. And boy, did I miss it!  Sorry about my absence :). A lot has happened o. So many stories in the news. Both good and bad. I'm sure you've heard them. I do not want to remind you of the evils you see and hear everyday. But, I have to remind you of this one thing. It's something I can't stop talking about. In fact, I am writing a book about it.
For the love of God, watch out for the children around you. Whether they're your children, neighbour's, siblings, relatives. Just about any child around you. Guard them jealously. As much as you can. Commit them to God in prayers. Why? Child Abuse. Any kind. Sexual, physical, Psychological etc.
There are people who take advantage of children - men or women who use children to play out their sexual fantasies. There are others who take out their frustration on them- teachers that use all the anger in them to flog your children. Or those who just want to frighten life out of children.

Children do not deserve to have their childhood forcefully taken from them.
Any kind of abuse, has the tendency to ruin a child's life. It is only by the grace of God that they grow to become normal adults and not twisted in some way. I am particularly concerned about sexual abuse, fighting against it and making people conscious of it. I do not know why I am passionate about this cause. Maybe it's because I had a narrow escape.
 Don't forget that it could come from anybody. Those Uncles/Aunties you leave your  children with. I have heard of a case where the little girl was sexually abused by her father. The popular female Minister, Joyce Meyer was abused by her father.
Rachel Fletcher also suffered child abuse at the hands of her father, David Paul Boudreaux. Boudreaux is now serving a life sentence in Angola. 
If your child acts strange around a particular adult, look well. Always create an atmosphere where your child can talk to you. Ask them about their day. Talk with them! Do not let them out alone if you can help it, especially at night. Above all, pray.
 As I always say, May God continue to protect us and ours. Amen.


  1. not just uncles and aunts . .house helps too,i hv seen very very wicked house helps as well . .

    1. Ah my dear, everyone is a potential risk to leave your little ones with. If a father can do it, how much more househelp? God help us...

  2. d father is jst plain SICK,of all d billions of women in d world,he pick his daughter . .i nearly vomit jst thinkin d tin sef . .

    amen o . .may God help us


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