The Things I do for My Faith( Part 2 )

I'd already seen what our children would look like. They would have my complexion but be gifted with his facial features. The boys would have his height. This guy is tall, very tall. Our children would be so cute. I'd always wanted cute babies. It's the reason I did not say yes to Emmanuel's proposal. Emmanuel was a great guy. But....
You think I'm vain? Well, think what you like. But I was scared for my little girls. So I said no. All my dreams...'Hmmph',I sigh wistfully.
At my sigh, he throws me a questioning look. 'Are you alright?'
'I'm fine', I say, plastering a forced smile on my face. He smiles back and my world lights up. The colours around me get brighter. Just a smile o.
 Now a line from a particular song is playing over and over in my mind , 'should I go, should I stay, should I go, should I stay, should I go, should I stay......'. Oh, I don't know!


  1. dis fits my description o. .but i dnt drink beer so it cant b me. .lol
    BUT WAIT . .U SED NO??

  2. Yeah, actually thought of you as I wrote,lol. She said no to Emmanuel....well and later to Sochima,the 'tall, very tall guy':D

  3. really??
    *blushin* lol

    sum1 viewd my twitter profile page i c . .lol

  4. Lol...I like your profile pic too...:D


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