The 'Test' in the Testimony

Good morning friends. I hope you all slept well? Thank God for the gift of another day.  I’m going to be sharing  my testimony with you. The testimony I’m sharing spans from 2009 till date. I pray it blesses someone.
I wrote my final exams in August 2008. However, the result was not published until about February the next year. This is despite the fact that we were due for Law School in October/ November of 2008.
When  the results were published, some of my courses were omitted for whatever reason. Well, it turned out to be an error. All of my results later showed up online. I was happy. I thanked God because I had passed all my courses. It wasn’t over yet o. Sometime later, I received calls from my friends saying that there was this list in the faculty and from the data on the list, previous carry-overs were still reflecting, even though I had rewritten and passed them.  I was in Lagos at the time. I had to return to Port-Harcourt to rectify the issue. It turned out that it wasn’t just me. A lot of my course mates had same issue. In Year 4 or early part of Year 5, those of us with carry-overs that could not be accommodated by the maximum Course units for Year 5 were asked to apply for extra units. I was among the first people to apply.
However, the administration in my faculty at this time was shaky. The Dean at the time would eventually resign. So what happened? Our applications for extra units, which we were entitled to, were not  attended to. In fact, the same applications were found beneath his secretary’s table after they both left, unattended to. The new Dean was not ready to take responsibility, so she pushed it back to us.
If you rewrote a course that was not accommodated by the approved units for Final year, you automatically had an extra year! This was after waiting 6 months for results to be published. There was chaos and tears. Students raged. We begged. The administration would not budge. We involved the Universities Senate. Senate wanted someone to take responsibility for the maladministration. The new Dean was not going to. We went to the State House of Assembly. The School VC was summoned. He was represented by the Registrar.
With all the pressure, the faculty started to do what they called upgrade. They were upgrading those previous Fs to Es or whatever grade caught their fancy. They were only doing this for those who had just one carry-over in year 3 or 4. Don’t forget that these are carry-overs that had already been rewritten and passed. But that did not matter.
Yours truly’s result was not upgraded. I had written two carry-overs. One from year 3, the other form year 4. Don’t ask me why I had carry- overs. That one is story for another day. Just know that in my school, people had carry-over at times not because they did not read or write well, but because the Lecturer wanted students to come and ‘sort’. With the kind of grades I saw, I often wondered if Lecturers even marked scripts at all or they just ‘tubo tubo….’, and gave grades. To cut the long story short, I had to pay another school fees and register for the extra year. Units for extra year had to be a maximum of 9 units. I chose to redo my project and pick one other course to sit for in the exam the next year, totaling 10 units. At this time most of my course mates had resumed at Law School.
To be continued………………..


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