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Hi friends, hope you had a great weekend? Well, if you did not,I pray your week would be great. My last post, hmm. I know. It was kinda harsh, right? Pele...but  to I had to let it out somehow, sometime. I figured why not here and now. The thing don dey vex me since :) . Don't worry, we will not be talking about men and their wahala today : ). We would be talking about you, yes you. And why it is important that you guard your heart. You see, although civilization has brought us a lot of good things, I think it's brought more evil than good. The responsibility rests on us to mind what we allow into our minds. You would agree with me that most of what we see on tv are not what we want our children or younger siblings to see. Most of the songs we hear on the radio are noise. I am a music lover. Being my dad's daughter it would have been impossible for me not to love music. My dad fueled my love for music. You can now imagine my frustration at the noise people make and call music today. I used to love listening to the radio, but I stopped because if the radio was on for 1 hour,I would probably count only two good songs that played. The others either talked about sex, money, cars or just plain rubbish.  I could not continue to feed myself crap. So I stopped. It was about this time stopped listening to secular music. I now only listen to songs that have a message that can relate to, that would edify me. The Bible says to guard your heart with l diligence for out of it are the issues of life,Proverbs 4:23. Let me add that the state of your heart determines the state of your life. Mind what you listen to, what you watch on the tv, the internet. Which brings me to the prevalence of pornography. Most youth these days are taken with pornography. I mean, it's everywhere on the internet. In almost every site there's a link to porn site. For those that did not know, pornography can mess you up. Oh, and it's addictive too. You best stay away from it. If you are already caught up in that web, only Jesus can set you free. You would have to determine that you want to stop and then surrender your life, addictions and all to Jesus. Only Him can set you from free. Subsequently, you should only allow what edifies into your heart. Feed on God's Word, it cleanses. It renews your mind.  The Psalmist said,'Thy Word have I hid in my heart that I might not sin against thee'-Psalm 119:11. Some people care more about how they look than the state of their hearts. You see a lot of beautiful people with decaying hearts and dying or dead conscience. Please, protect your heart. It can not be over-emphasized. I love to read novels. A lot. In secondary school, I started to read Mills and Boon, Harlequin, all sorts of romance. When I finished secondary school, I told a friend that I would use my first salary to stock my library with romance novels. I read thrillers, detective etc , but romance was my favourite. Trust Romance Authors to spice the story up with some sizzling love scenes. So I read parts like that I would ofcourse picture everything going down in my head. Well, let's just say it didn't do much for my imagination and the state of my mind. I had to give up reading secular romance or I risked losing my salvation. Funny, but true. It was not easy o. I would stop, and then start again. Until, finally...God helped me stop. I have lapsed a few times but thank God for His grace. Again recently, I had to battle with giving up secular movies. You tire for me abi? My dear, you see this Heavenly race is personal o. Bible says, if your right hand causes you to sin, do what? I guess these things are some of my right hand. Trust me, I struggled with the leading o. How can I give up watching movies? I might as well give up watching TV. How many faith-based movies are there? Certainly not very many. I've only seen a few. Mostly from Sherwood Pictures; Fireproof, Facing the Giants, Courageous etc. And I love watching movies almost as much as I love reading novels. But the problem was these secular movies were at conflict with my faith, with what my Bible says. My Bible says get married, have sex, then children. The movies tell me have sex, have children and if you like, get married. In most of the movies God does not exist. They do not acknowledge God. People swear and curse like it's normal.You watch some movies and it's like you're watching soft porn. Sex scenes everywhere. Wo, I'm not that macho o. I'm flesh and blood. Sorry to disappoint you :).  So, here I am, not even two weeks old in my resolve to give up secular movies. The third in the line of my 'give-ups'. I'm not saying do like me o. I'm just saying, protect ya heart any way you can. May God's Grace continually keep us in Him, Amen. These days, everybody claims they have a personal relationship with God. The worst stform of deceit is self-deceit. You know best whether you're at peace with God or not. If you are not, make peace with your creator and make Him your Father. God bless. PS: Sorry for the long post :)


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