The Things I do for My Faith

We were yet to make our orders. We had gotten carried away with excitement at seeing ourselves for the first time after talking on phone for 7 months.'This guy so cute',I thought to myself as I stared dreamily into his face. I could  definitely see me self getting married to this one. He wasn't like the others. He was smart, funny, intelligent, and oh,so handsome. His eyes, mami!( whatever that means ), they were beautiful. The pictures did them no justice. I could fall asleep staring into those eyes. Before I forget, he's also christian.And the chemistry was strong. It could be bottled up and sold to every person who  needed it. It could ignite this restaurant. He feels it too. I can tell from the way he's looking at me.
'Why don't we make our orders now?' He asked as he beckoned on a waiter, jolting me from my dreamy state.
'What would you have?', the waiter asked me first
'I would like some ofada rice and a bottle of water please', I said..
The waiter turned to my date who said he'd have the same thing as me. but just as the waiter turned to go,he says,'do you have beer?'
'What?' Did he just ask if they sold beer? He drinks beer? Oh no!Drinking of beer or any other kind of alcoholic drink was a deal-breaker for me. I've been singing it to everyone who cared to listen that I would not marry anyone who drinks beer. Even if it's once a year. 'Bet why?' I asked God in all the igbo accent I could muster. But wait o. Didn't he tell me he was a serious christian? Why should I find out this kind of thing after building my forever around him? Eh? Someone, tell me.
..To be continued....


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