It's been a very sad day for me. My dear friend lost her  younger brother-a good-looking young and promising  lad. I'm tempted to say I wish today never happened but that won't be right. I'm sure a lot of great things happened today. This however , does not take away the ache in my heart as it breaks for my friend, her mom and her other siblings ,who have to face another death in the family , after loosing their dad years ago. I was in tears at work all morning and something tells me I have not seen the last of those tears.
I do not have any words that can cut through the fog of grief in my friend's heart. What do you say to someone who just lost a loved one? How do you make the pain stop? I wish I was home, then I could go over and hug her and tell her it will be all right. But impotent phone calls are all I have.
So I surrender the bereaved to God and pray he gives them strength to bear this great loss. I  pray this does not adversely affect their faith in Him and that some how through this rain, the sun will shine. Above all, I pray the young lad is with the Lord, that's the ultimate.
Though it does not make sense cos he was so young. I'd have to say God knows best. 
To everyone who has ever lost someone, these songs are for you.
   Held by Natalie Grant

                                                        Love them like Jesus- Casting Crowns    
God bless you all. 


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