So You Think You're A Man, Huh?

I know by the fact that God created men, that they feature in the lives of women. I know that Eve was created as a  'help meet'(help suitable) for Adam. This somehow gives men a superior position? Yes? A position that keeps on being abused by its Custodians. Men. Yes, they are the topic of my rantings today!

Where do I even start? Is it from the one who sees women as sex objects, created for the sole purpose of  satisfying his incessant craving for sex? The man whose over-active libido would drive him to do anything, including defiling a three year old baby or his own daughter.

How about the one that takes advantage of a fiduciary relationship. The pastor, for instance who takes advantage of the church member. Or the Brother in the Fellowship who betrays the trust of that Sister, declaring love, luring her into sexual sin and then moving on to the next sister.

Oh let's not forget the one who thinks that just because he has male reproductive organs , he can approach any woman and ask her out. He still lives with his mom, does not earn an income or maybe he just got into college. But he sees a young woman old enough to be his elder sister or aunt or who he very well knows is out of his reach and starts to 'misyarn'. Like, seriously, you can't see? Is it some kind of game? The fact that you answer to ' male ' gives you that right?

Then there's the one that you 'mumuly' fall in love with and a few months into the relationship, he goes ' let's take a break, you're spiritually fragile'. What does that even mean? A year or so later, he tells you he does not remember what he said that night when he called to ask for a break and that he loves you and wants you back.

The married one nko? Married to a beautiful wife with beautiful children.The fact that his wife is your mother's friend does not deter him. He wants a piece of your innocence. He tells who a married man would take care of you better than a single young guy would.

How can I not mention the Casanova? The fine boy and ladies guy.Sweeps you off your feet with sweet talk. He knows all the things that gullible girls want to hear. At first, he puts a on a pedestal and later wants you to clean the pedestal. He tells you sex is like salt in a relationship and breaks up with you when you wont give it to him. What were you doing with a guy like that anyway?

Last but not least for today. The one that sets his searching gaze on you and decides that he wants to marry you. That he has found the one o. He claims he loves you and wants to marry you even though he's known you for just two months. He wants to drown  you in calls and messages. Does not want to know whether you like him or not. He wants to marry you. Hello? Do you not see how lucky you are? He's proposing! Marry him, whether you can stand him or not. Marry him because you do not deserve to marry a man that you love, who loves you back? Do you not deserve to be happy? I need help here. Somebody? Anybody?

And no! I do not hate men. I'm just tired of their egocentrism.  Men should wake up to the truth that the world does not revolve around them. You can not care for only yourself and expect things to be perfect.Besides, it is ' He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour'. Men, probably think it's the other way round. Do I blame them? It's the women that do know know their worth and have their dignity dragged all over the mud that I blame.

Now, if God said ' He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favour', and says Woman is a 'help meet' for man, does this not clearly spell my worth? As a Woman whose Master is the Lord, would the man who marries you be blessed or what? His life has just been made easier! He's go both help suitable for him and God's favour rolled into one!

Women, please stop selling yourself short. Who says you can't have it all? You can have a man who loves you, with your dignity intact. You are beautiful and worth more than some man's toy of trophy wife.
You are the apple of God's eye. All you need is a personal relationship with Him  and you can rest, assured of a secured future that would rival the most beautiful fairy tale ever told.

Whatever you do, don't forget that living for God is the ultimate.
God bless.


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