The Reason I'm Scarlet

 People have been asking why my name is Scarlet. So, here goes.

For those who want to know where SCARLET XIANNE came from,they are actually adopted names.Scarlet's the english version of the hebrew name Tola,which actually means scarlet worm.In those days there used to be a worm from which scarlet dye was gotten.The worm produced the scarlet dye when it gave birth.Whenever it wanted to give birth it would attach itself so strongly to a tree that it couldn't detach later.So it dies immediately after giving birth.The new born then uses it body as a home until it is strong enough to stand on it's own.Do you guys understand? The scarlet worm practically gives up its life so that the baby worms can be born! Such sacrifice! Doesn't it remind you of what Jesus did?
Actually in the book of Psalm Jesus referred to himself as this particular worm.Check Psalms 22:6.
 I'd always loved the colour scarlet and when i came across this truth it just blew my mind,hence my adoption of the name.
As for Xianne,it's a variation of the name Zion,which i also love! There!You have the story.

Thanks to those who have viewed this blog but please leave a comment next time cos i'd love to hear from you.


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