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I received a twitter update yesterday. It turned out that someone had just followed me. Well, I do not get a lot of followers, so I was pleased someone had dimmed me fit to be followed. So, I take a look. When I saw the name, I said to myself " this name sounds like someone popular ". I sha was not sure. So, I go to the profile, and guess who? Mark Waldrop! I know, right?

Mark Waldrop
Okay, I know some of you are wondering, "who on earth is Mark Waldrop?" Well, he is currently the guitarist for the band, The Digital Age. He used to be with David Crowther Band though. But after, David Crowther left the band to pursue a solo career, the rest of the band formed The Digital Age. I only just found  out o. So you see, this is something major for me. I loved David Crowther Band, I hope I love Digital Age more. Meanwhile, let me relish being followed by someone popular. Did I mention that he was verified? :)

The Digital Age is currently working on it's first Album( is my grammar correct?), which would be released in 2013.

I'd share with you guys a song I love a lot from David Crowther Band. Enjoy.


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