Ring or No Ring?

Recently, some celebrities have taken to proposing in front of the camera. Well, the proposals seemed romantic. But really, is the way he proposes important? I hear that between some couples, there was no proposal. The parties just knew they were headed for the altar.
Some men propose with a ring, others do not. This brings another question to mind. Does it matter that he does not propose with a ring? Also, why do women wear engagement rings with their wedding bands when there was no engagement and sometimes no proposal? I just can not understand it? Why buy an engagement ring to wear for the first time on your wedding day?

Back to proposals, do you have like a dream proposal? The way you want to be proposed to. If you do, what is it? Is it like the picture above depicts? I used to want that, cos almost all the movies I saw had that scene. Then, it was the same in the romance novels too. However, as romantic as I am, I think I can do without the kneeling down. If the guy and I are already in a relationship and we already know where it's headed, I see no need for a dramatic proposal. Of course, you might see it as a sign of commitment. But lets face it, do you know how many broken engagements there are out there?

He could give you a ring and still change his mind. Hello? Or you could decide you are no longer compatible. Either way, it's a broken engagement. So, how can an intending couple ensure that they stay true to their commitment to each other? What is the assurance that an engaged couple would get married? *blank stare*

If you ask me, I'd say, let him keep the engagement ring, I prefer a wedding band. Because only when I wear it would there truly be an unbreakable commitment. Yeah, I said it. Unbreakable. Because, marriage for me is forever!


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