Tribute to the Ex

Errr....., not really.

Hello Everyone. How was your weekend? I hope it was great? I slept for most of mine. Cold. The cough syrup helped J. While thinking of the title to give this post, ‘Tribute to the Ex’ came to mind. So, I had to confirm that tribute is not only used with regards to a dead person. I don’t like wahala in my life o.

Well, this post is about the things that I’m grateful to my EX for. Let me first tell you that our break-up was not amicable at all. Considering the betrayal and all I went through in the hands of this EX, I should be cursing the day I met him, and maybe I have in the past. However, all that is behind me now. How else will you learn that there are wolves in sheep clothing if you do not encounter them? I know, I know, it’s better to learn from someone else’s mistake than yours. Well, some of us are not that lucky. I have made peace with my errors.

So, I found out I actually owe him gratitude for some things. First, would be my love for rock. I love rock! I don’t know what I would do without my favorite rock songs, from my favorite rock artists. I sleep, wake breathe and eat contemporary Christian rock! Although my EX would have to share some of this gratitude with my Bestie, he fueled my love for rock by introducing me to the artists and providing me with the tapes and cds to satiate my incessant craving for it.

Next would be my love for my wonderful premier league club, Chelsea. He was a die-hard Chelsea fan. He never missed any match, not if he could help it. He would race off, literally to watch a Chelsea match. I saw him dash through the streets of my campus to meet up with a match’s start up time. He even has a dog that he named Chelsea. So, his love and passion for Chelsea rubbed off on me like it did with rock.

Lastly, another thing I owe him gratitude for is my aversion to being overweight. He did not like it when someone was fat. In fact, he detested it. It offended me sometimes, the way he would make snidely remarks concerning someone who was overweight. And, he did not let me rest too, because you see, I was slightly overweight at the time. He never failed to mention how I was adding weight, bla bla bla. So, that one rubbed off too. After we broke up, I gradually lost weight. One time, I was so skinny, it worried my parents and friends.
But really, it wasn’t so much about being skinny to meet a stereotype as it was being comfortable in my own skin and being happy with myself. Having been on both sides, I have discovered that I like myself better, slim. Note that I did not say ‘love’ but ‘like’. I love myself, anyway. So, it probably took all his snide remarks to make me see that I preferred being slim, or am I just off my rockers?
Well, that would be all on that for now. If I remember something else I’m grateful to my EX for, I‘d let you know J. Catchya……….


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