Love You!

Loving yourself is very important. Looking past your short-comings, the hurtful words from people, and loving yourself inspite of them is important. You know,people can say such hurtful things,ignorantly or deliberately. Even your own parents can help wound your self esteem. Calling a child names will not make the child better, parents need to understand that.

Even as individuals,let's be careful the kind of words we use on people. That said, I want to encourage everyone to love himself/herself. It does not matter the names they call you. Those names will only stick if you believe them. Do not accept them. Believe that you are better than the names they call you. Love yourself inspite of. You know why? God made you, He loves you, He let His Son die for you. If you were the only one on earth, Jesus'd still die for you. That's all that matters.

How you feel about yourself will always affect your decisions. The people you date, the jobs you take, the people you allow around you....And the truth is, if you do not love yourself,you cannot truly love another. Reason being that you can only love your neighbour as much as you love yourself.

Decide to love yourself today. Nobody will love you for you. Love yourself first or you would not even feel worthy of another person's love and so not open yourself to it. Love yourself and let it show in the way that you dress, talk, laugh ......

God bless you


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