Elusive Happiness

When you start to look to things or people for your happiness, happiness will remain elusive. Having said that, I think I've been unhappy lately. I'm tired of where I am. Geographically and lifecally
( haha, I just coined a word). It's not the first time I would have this feeling. The feeling that I would go crazy if I did not change environment ASAP. Even church activities no longer provide escape. I think I might have strayed a little bit. I need to reconnect to my Source. I know this because I am starting to turn to things and people for happiness. The consequent feeling is at best, fleeting. Haha, speaking of fleeting .....that gist is one for another day. Hint - it involves an Ex.

This too shall pass. I have been through tougher times. Have I really? Does it not get tougher as I get older? But I know the storm shall pass and I shall remain standing . I picture myself standing on the sea shore, drenched to my skin, in my grecian gown with sea weed caught in my hair and dress, bare-footed. The wind is flapping behind me as the storm fades. But, I am standing. My face is bare, save the water droplets mixed with a fierce resolve. And then I smile. A weak smile that I am certain will get stronger....and brighter.

This too shall pass.


  1. ..... This too shall pass.. One of my favorite sayings

  2. :-) Amaka thanks for stopping by.

  3. Scarlet, i can sooo relate to this post, as at various times in life yeah, I have felt so stuck in the rut. Truly, nothing In this life lasts forever, neither good nor bad.

    My Blog mother always tells me that gratitude opens doors of opportunities, so I think if we than GOD for the little we have today, and for where we are in life at this very moment, he will shine his light on the map, and show us where we are next to go conquer.

    P.S: I like how you can pass a huge message in such short amount of words... mehhhnn I wanna be like you when I grow up oh. :)

  4. Awwww, you flatter me Nonso. Thanks for your comment, been a while :)

    1. Our Dear Scarlet, we are waiting for your next post oh! **Wears Straight face..

      Come on Bubba, according to section 4 sub- section 19 of the Blogsville criminal code, it states and i quote that it is a sin (Not crime oh, SIN) to keep JdB and other bloggers waiting for too long eh! :(

  5. Hello Scarlet, how are you? I tagged you in a post oh, cause you are an interesting Blogger. Kindly do well to Honor it Baby mi, and to not break the chain.. Cheers.



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