Dear All, It is Not That Serious!

So I have been meaning to do this post. I have only just gotten round to doing it.

You know how people equate fulfillment and great life achievement with getting married? When someone says single-hood is not good? That it is not good to be single, no matter the age. Everybody should go and marry, whether you are ready o, can afford it o, go and marry! Don't ever be single o. Whether you are in school o or pursuing your career. In fact, parents should marry off their kids in infancy so that they won't be caught single when they become adults, because single-hood is bad. When they will not stop talking about how you should go and marry. When they even go as childish /low as abusing you with your marital status. Can this craze stop already?

I love my Pastor, I really do but can the special prayers for 'due' singles stop too? Dear Pastor, it is not that serious. I promise. I can't help but feel that all the the talk and prayers and testimonies(good intentions notwithstanding) kinda support the notion in the first paragraph. I know they are meant to inspire or build up faith but do they really do that? Do they not unwittingly make the 'due' singles feel sorry for themselves. Do they not make them feel less than their married counterparts? Note that I have not singled out any sex here. What is so bad about being single? Whether by choice or not, ehn?

My pastor usually ends the service with prophecies and I remember when I would consciously or unconsciously answer amen to 'you shall get a proposal this week!'. Come and see now, almost every week I was getting proposals. But you see, getting proposal nor be the wahala, na the people wey dey give the proposals. While they were great in their own right, they were not great for me. Some of you will come and say I too make yanga. Thank you :p. Plus, how many men I wan marry na? My dears, I had to advice myself and stop answering amen o. When I know I'm not in a relationship. Someone will just appear from the blues and say 'marry me'. I will now gree, jus like dat. The men that tried that with me will tell you it didn't go well.

Let me not even get started on the ones who will be asking ' when is your wedding?'. As if I told them I was getting married, abi they see engagement ring for my hand. Bunch of busybodies is what they are *gives them side-eye*. Some people are just so tactless. Ahn ahn....telling me you want to see little Scarlets. Are you my grandmother? Marriage is good...yes, it is. Single-hood is good too. Even better :-D, ask Apostle Paul. Children are gifts from God. Does not mean that getting married and having kids are all there is to life. Don't even get me started on that topic.

Let me end the rant here today. I do not promise that I will not continue another day though ;).


  1. Hahaha I keep saying marriage is not an end, it's just the means to an end.

  2. Yeah. I guess it could be either or both depending on the individual.

  3. Heheheheheh Nice post Scarlet, I just kept smiling. Truly it amazes me as to how the grand norm for women now is getting married, I sometimes ask myself, whatever happened to the good old days of women wanting to be leaders and to be independently successful. It makes me cringe when I see women HUNT for husbands. Lmao.

    Nice post Bubba, it was an exciting read. Ehmmmm I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog a while back, I would be honored if you took up the nomination Scarlet. Cheers Bubba.


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