Hate Kate? Never!

Look at that smile

I love Kate Henshaw. I mean really! Where do I even begin? She gorgeous. She's a great actress. She's funny. She's just fab. Have you guys seen how physically fit she looks? And, the girl can siiinnnggg. Her smile....oh dear. When she smiles I can almost hear it. When she smiles, she really smiles. She is a great dresser, has a good head on her shoulders, does not take herself too seriously. The list goes on!

Kate's natural hair in twists
 Then, just when I thought I couldn't possibly love her more, she went natural! I still remember those twists she wore for season 1 of Nigeria's Got Talent - major inspiration! Yes, she may not be perfect .....pffft, who is? I may not know her personally but hey, I love the little I know of her. Which is more than I can say for a lotta Nigerian Celebs. Make una no vex for me. Kate Henshaw is definitely one celebrity I'd like to meet. I only saw her once at Silverbird's with her lovely daughter. Kate's got herself a fan here :-). Lerra guys.


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