Are You Ready?

Are you ready?
Everyone should answer that question every moment of their lives. Sure, you have faith that nothing bad would happen to you. It's not your time yet. When someone dies untimely, in their prime, is it their time? Death is only for your enemies, I know. But....if it happened to you today, right now, are you ready? And me, am I ready to meet my creator? My saviour? Would he be proud of me? Have I laid up treasures in heaven? Because let's face it, it does not matter how much you have achieved on earth. Once your breath ceases they stop to count.

Kefee had everything going for her after a overcoming a rough patch in her life. She had a husband who loved her. She was pregnant. She was doing well with her music and venturing into new things. None of those could save her. None of them counts where she's gone. I can only hope that she's gone to be with the Lord. That's all that matters.

Are you ready?


  1. True talk Scarlet, truth is the end scares me... I am no saint yeah, but I am no Judas also. It is well oh. May Keffe's soul Rest in the peace of our lord. :(

    1. Nonso,it is well.
      You should confront your fears though. The end should not scare you.


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