Yes, you might have heard of the tanker fire.Before that, it was the massacre by the Fulani herdsmen and the numerous bombings. There was the plane crash. The deaths have just been too much!
When you move away from these, you see the now regular allegations of bribery and corruption - the Farouk and Otedola saga being the recent one. And , did you just hear that your First Lady was made a Permanent Secretary in Bayelsa State? I do not even want to talk about it. There's also the issue with NYSC posting.

I do not like talking about all these happenings because they are just heart-breaking.
We need to pray for our country and pray for the protection of the citizens of this country.
We need to  pray for the salvation of  Souls that are being lost daily and do our bit to change our society.

Please follow on twitter Just 30 Minutes(@just30minutes) to join in praying for Nigeria. Just 30 Minutes encourages Christians to pray every midnight for 30 minutes. You can hook up on facebook or twitter to join.


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