Eureka, I found it!

I told you all about how my phone got missing. Well, there's good news. I found it! Yay!
A friend called my line yesterday and fortunately the person who found my phone,a man picked and told my friend that I'd left my phone in the church. Later on , I called my line, but the person did not pick, up till close of work yesterday. However, this morning I had a guest at work who turned out to be the same friend whose call the good samaritan picked. He had called my line again last night, talked with this person, got his location  and went to get my phone for me. Is that nice or what? I am not sure who it is that found my phone but I suspect it's my Pastor. My friend said, the man asked him some questions about  me and that he had to call another person who knew me to corroborate his story. So, my phone's back.

 Thanks guys for your prayers. Have yourselves a great day.

By the way guys, shey una dey forbid to make comment ni? Make una try talk now? You do know that I know some of the people who have visited my blog, right? Anywayz, I still love you guys for reading. Lerra.........


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