Hello everyone. I'm sorry for being MIA (Missing in Action) for so long. I'll try to make up for it.
My weekend was one I do not want to have a repeat of. However, all is completely well with me.
My week has been great. Yesterday, I came across a case of child abuse.
I was with some people when someone suggested I watch a certain video on his phone. He said they were talking about it just before I came in. Some of you might have seen it. It's the video of two children-one of them three years old or so. I couldn't quite ascertain their ages. I did not watch it. Even if I was paid, I couldn't watch a video like that. I'd read about it before. It's a pity that some thing like that would be allowed to happen.I was asked who's to blame and I said I blamed the adults around the children.The older child must have been exposed to sex and pornography to be able to carry out the acts they carried out. It is also possible that she was sexually abused.
Another angle to it is the fact some someone watched them do it, made a video of it and put it on the internet. Who does that? Why would any one allow something like that to happen if he had the power to stop it. Did he derive a certain enjoyment from watching such child pornography? These were the questions I asked those with me yesterday. Someone said, maybe the person had seen it happen before and wanted proof. There is no excuse for making a video of two children having sex. It's sheer wickedness.
There was also a case where an 11 or 10 year old confessed that she couldn't stay a  day without having sex! She had been abused by an elderly neighbour who later moved away. However, she had become hooked and would go as far as begging touts to have sex with her. Where were her parents or guardians when all these were happening? Yesterday, when I told them this story, a lady said that if she had not enjoyed it the first time, she wouldn't have gone on to look for it. Let us understand that children are first, highly impressionable. Let us also not forget that children are human too and are capable of experiencing pleasure.Why would she not enjoy it?
Let me tell us a short story about myself. When I was a child, we had a lot of uncles staying with us at sometime or the other. There was this time, I might have been 12 or a bit older. One of my uncles decided that he wanted to watch a pornographic movie in the house. I was there. I saw what was going on in the movie. I knew it was wrong to watch it, but remained.It was the knowledge that it was wrong that made me  watch from behind one of the seats. My uncle saw me but did not chase me.
Yes, I should have left. But, my uncle should not have exposed me to a movie like that. We should be careful what we allow children around us see. There's pornography on tv , everywhere these days. Even on the streets, on posters. Movie sellers display packs of pornographic movies. Children stop and watch and nobody even chases them away.
The truth remains that there's a responsibility on us as adults-parents or not to look out for the children around us. Let's not expose children to vices and evil that can destroy their today and tomorrow.
God bless and keep us and ours,amen.


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