Suicide has never helped anybody. Suicide destroys, it does not make better. Suicide is a selfish act. It seeks to end one's pain and suffering while causing the loved ones the same pain and suffering. Persons who commit suicide, in most cases leave a family behind. Think of the pain and grieve it causes anyone to lose a loved one, add to that the psychological trauma of remembering that the person you love ended his own life. Then, add these to the bad publicity the family has to face and the stigma that suicide carries with it.
Suicide is not an option. It never solves the problem. Never. Suicide is the devil's ploy to make people lose their souls. Suicidal thoughts are born when people live like this world is all there is and believe so. It isn't. Part of the lyrics from a song says : ' You say this life is all you have , but you waste it time and time again..........' We are only here temporarily. Our time on earth is only a sojourn. We came to this earth from somewhere, and we are going back there. However, the quality and nature of your sojourn on earth determines whether you'll make it back there.

There is a God. This is the truth, and everyone would give account to Him. It is appointed unto man man, once to die and after that, judgement.
Besides, the life is not even yours to take. You did not create yourself. You did not give yourself the breath of life. So, what gives you the notion that you have the right to take your life? The life that we live does not belong to us.Give your life to Jesus and live for Him, so that even when nothing makes sense, you would have a reason to continue living.

I have been through a lot of terrible things in the past. I've been betrayed, victimized, abandoned, misunderstood, hurt, used, taken for granted, treated unjustly, trodden upon. I have experienced suffering. I have suffered affliction that I do not wish on my enemies. Some of these things happened because my mistakes, others happened because there are evil people who do not like good. However, I am still standing. I'm still here, for many are the afflictions of the Righteous but the Lord delivers him from them all. And, though the Righteous may fall seven times, he would surely rise again. It's in the Bible. Suicide was never an option for me. I had Christ, so I had hope. At a time, hope was all I had. Hope would not even let me go. I became a Prisoner of Hope. In the end, God gave me victory. God is such a great God!

For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith
Who is he that overcometh the world, but he that believeth that Jesus is the Son of God?
                                                                                                                                   1 John 5:4,5

Hold on to God. He's all you need. He's more than enough!


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