Yes,it is. I'm the most careless woman I know. What's happening to me? A few weeks ago, I lost my wallet and its contents. Did not recover it. Now, just yesterday, I lost my phone. The last time I remember being with it was when I was in church. I got home, and my phone was not with me. I was not really worried yesterday because I thought, 'I must have left it in church,someone would find and keep it for me'. Then, I remembered, I'd put the phone on silent in church.That'll make finding it harder.Is that good or bad? My church building is not yet completed, the doors have not been fixed. If an honest member did not find and keep it, a dishonest non-member might stray into the church, find it and decide to claim the right of Finders-Keepers. I went back to the church this morning, my phone was nowhere to be found.I've been calling my line and it just rings and nobody picks. Well, it's on silent. Where is my phone? Who has my phone? Your guess is as good as mine.

I really do not want to experience another loss. I am yet to recover from the previous one. So, join me in praying that my phone is safe wherever it is and it would come back to me.


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