Crushed Crushes

I've had a few crushes in my short life. The earliest I can remember being when I was in 13. He was twelve and they lived nearby . I never voiced my feelings even though we were friends. Then one day, dude showed up at my doorstep and told me he didn't want anything to do with me. That was probably my first heartbreak :). Till this day, I do not know what happened. Oh well. I sha did not waste time on him. I moved on to another one. My bestie's brother. Who later became the first boy to write me a love letter. Well, I was not ready to be anybody's girlfriend at 14. That crush died too.

At 16, again came another. He lived close to my mom's shop. I thought he was arrogant but it didn't change how I felt. His twin was nicer. Sigh. I guess I chose the wrong twin to crush on. Fast forward to my first year in the university, there was this guy I thought was always staring at me in fellowship meetings. Haha. Dude probably thought the same of me. Then one day, he said hi and I was over the moon. Alas, this crush also went the way of all crushes before and after him.

In my year 3, I crushed madly on this family friend. I did not mind that he did not use a deodorant and smelt one kind sometimes. One time, this text message was making rounds. It  read something like this ; "I'm getting married and you are invited. No need to bring a gift, just bring me a husband". I send it to him and he replied saying there were going to be two husbands at the wedding then. I was so happy that I did mental back flips. Haha.

My last crush was this tall and lanky drink of water. But I knew it couldn't be. We were from different worlds. I had to stamp out the fire fast before it would burn me :).

Since I've been married I haven't crushed on anyone. I promise :). Maybe, I've matured? By the way, is it still legal to crush? Is there such a thing as innocent crush?  Anyways, I only see one man now. So there's no time, eyes or reason to crush. That spot is filled up. My eyes are occupied :).

So long guys. Till I come ya way again.


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