Women Have Fish Brain?

"Women have fish brain, women have fish brain". Yadayadayadayada. I'm sure you guys have heard this before. Maybe, more than once sef. You probably say it yourself and believe it too. I promise, if I hear this one more time, I'd scream. Ah ah! Now, this statement is usually made by men. They say it and I feel like kicking them. Why would anyone make such a sweeping generalisation? And  such a derogatory one too? Why?

A woman makes a wrong relationship choice; women have fish brain. She stays in a bad relationship; women have fish brain. A woman fights with another woman; all women have fish brain. Whatever a woman does; all women fish brain. Haba!

Any of you think women have fish brain? Maybe you're even a woman yourself and you have said this. News flash! Women do not have fish brain. Same way men do not have fish brain. God created us all, male and female, intellectual equals. He did not give one fish brain and another meat brain. He however, gave them certain qualities and dispositions. He gave the woman a kind heart, a gentle spirit, motherly instinct. What people interprete as fish brain is her vulnerability and sometimes her gullibility. You see,  these traits are born out of her natural character compositions.

While men respond to what to what they see, women respond to what they hear. This is the reason a man could treat a woman like crap, tell her he loves her and she'd stay, against her better judgement.

Women are smart and intelligent. Their instincts are almost never wrong. They just need to overcome their gullible tendencies. And the only way I know to do this is to allow themselves to be led by the Holy Spirit. To qualify for leading, a woman has to first become a daughter of God. She becomes a daughter of God by giving her heart to Jesus and accepting Him as Lord and Saviour.

Women, gives your hearts to Jesus. There are a lot of benefits. Wisdom, Spirit-controlled temperament, joy etc. Plus, you'd stop giving women a  bad name by acting gullible. Your wise side would always win, over your gullible side.

A quick reminder guys; women do not have fish brain, whatever your interpretation of fish brain is.


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