Mimiko Definitely Ain't Mimicking Nobody

I live in Akure. I've lived here since I relocated last December. I served here too. So being a resident I am definitely concerned about the policies of the Ondo state government, headed by our dear Governor, Olusegun Mimiko. I can say that when I served here a few years ago, a lot of Ondo state residents thought highly of him. You'll hear things like, "Mimiko n si se"(Mimiko is working). Well, I haven't been hearing a lot of that. In fact, until recently I was hearing the opposite.

He has started working again. It should be a good thing. Except, it is not the type of work people expected or welcome. He's been placing all kinds of levies on residents, commercial motorcyclists. The okada drivers tried to protest but went about it the wrong way. They allegedly destroyed properties and it earned them a ban which has further worsened the hardship on commuters. Especially, those living in the outskirts. We hope the ban is called off really soon and the issues resolved.

Another development of the recent administration is what is known as Kaadi Igbe Ayo aka Residence Card. The government has mandated everyone living in Ondo state and interested in using government-owned institutions and facilities to get this card. The governor claims the reason for this is that nonresidents travel down to use them *side eye. Yimu, when we know how much he needs the extra revenue.

One of the consequences of not getting the card is that a woman in labour with not be attended to if she shows up at a government-owned hospital to be delivered of her baby, even if she had earlier registered there for Ante-natal. I saw this firsthand.

Fortunately, getting the card does not cost more than Two thousand naira. Still. This is definitely unprecedented. At least in Nigeria. Correct me if I'm wrong. What government levies residents just to use its facilities, and we're not talking taxes and normal bills o. Oh well, and nobody is kicking up dust. Even though people don't like it, they are getting their cards. Myself included.

Having said the above, It wouldn't be fair of me if I failed to mention one of the good developments of Mimiko- The Mother and Child Hospital. Pregnant women and children have access to great medical care in Ondo state and almost free! All you have to do is pay a small fee for registration and now, get your Kaadi Igbe Ayo. Every family knows how well Mimiko has done in this area. The mortality rates in delivery of both mother and child have greatly reduced. Babies born preterm in these hospitals also have a higher rate of survival. My husband and I can't stop saying " thank God for Mimiko" on behalf of our family friends who had a preterm baby at 28 weeks. The baby is doing well and at no little or no cost to the parents. So you see, this is not a Mimiko-bashing article after all :).

Till I come ya way again, stay blessed and with purpose.


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